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Summary slides of the WKF new rule changes for 2023

Since the new WKF 2023 rules changes are published for the public, below are 60 summary slides as presented by the World Karate Federation in November 2022. 

3 key points;

ONE. The 2023 rule changes are probably the biggest in number since its large 1999 updates.

TWO. Different 2023 rules changes affect 3 separate competition levels;

a) WKF world level events only (i.e. red, blue & gold branded uniforms, electronic scoring)

b) WKF & national and/or continental levels (i.e. new video review)

c) All levels: local, provincial, national, continental and various WKF world levels (i.e. return to almost the original kata scoring system, new approach to kumite penalties & warnings)

THREE. Sometimes the reason for a rule change is obvious, but sometimes the reason for a change is not clear and an explanation is actually needed.

My suggestions for the WKF;

1. Start a Rules Playlist section on their WKF YouTube channel.

Upload their summary 2023 rules presentation for the widest possible karate audience to watch it. 

2. For every YouTube rules video, enable closed captioning so viewers can read the English.

Plus the WKF can easily export the YouTube video's closed caption file as the text transcript and post it in the video description as well. This will also allow non-native English speakers to copy and google translate the explanations, allowing for more wide spread access to the information.

3. To answer the many questions about these changes, have a Q & A section on the WKF website where questions can be inputed, then answers can be posted. For public viewing, only questions and answers that have not been addressed before can displayed.

For example, in kumite when using electronic scoring does the referee alone determine out-of-bounds infraction, jogai, as this can be really tricky to do from their position.

4. A related suggestion is for the creation of an online WKF official's training academy for nationally certified officials and up that has the goal to improve their understanding and application of the rules to an equal global standard. The benefit are better run, and safer, events.

For example, multiple videos of the same kata being presented with the explanation why one performance is better than another.

WKF 2023 kata rules weblink

WKF 2023 kumite rules weblink

WKF 2023 para rules weblink