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About Kenzen

Karate Kenzen is a beginner friendly karate club and we welcome newcomers to try a free trial class anytime. ‍

Our club is a warm dojo community with both male and female instructors, where students get stronger and more focused through practical karate and fitness training.

Kenzen students are training in one of the highest technical systems of Japanese karate since we are directly affiliated with leading karate associations in both Canada and Japan.

To provide the best karate instruction by age and skill level, our karate programs are “Samurai Kids 4-6yrs”, “Juniors 7-11yrs” , “Teens 12-15yrs" and "Adults 16yrs+”, plus our optional Team Kenzen competitive program and accelerated after school karate program. ‍

To enhance everyone’s karate experiences, the club hosts numerous karate events and tournaments, plus regularly receives guest instructors from around Canada and Japan. ‍

Kenzen is a member of the Suzuki-ha Shito-ryu Karate-do  Association of Canada as part of the famous Seikokai Karate-do Association in Japan. Through this connection, we regularly interact with our sister Vancouver sister club, the prestigious Kingsway Odokan Dojo led by Kaz Hashimoto Sensei and Mark Stacey Sensei.

We are also a fully participating member of Karate BC, which gives our students access to provincial-level opportunities, including tournaments, seminars, and pathways to BC Games, BC Team and National team tryouts.

Kenzen is an old popular Japanese word that means "complete health" and it was chosen by former Japan national team coach Toshiaki Maeda Sensei for our club.