At my karate club people call me Sensei, and my friends just call me Richard.


Daily karate vlog #83: Kata training variety!

Hey it's Richard Mosdell, this is my daily karate vlog #82!

Today's topic is kata training variation.

Let's not just train our kata over and over in the same movements doing the same series, let's do other things with them, let's put a medicine ball in our hands, let's put little hand weights, let's see how the hand weights feel, let's see how the medicine ball messes up our centre of gravity, let's see how everything comes together, let's put some music on.

When you go to a tournament, it's really noisy. When you are training you need to train on mats so you know what it's like for your feet to stick to it.

Also to feel the rebound that comes off the floor. I think it's important that you make the training have variety, it's less stale, even here the athlete's are training in t-shirts, sometimes they train in their uniforms, sometimes they face the mirror. Right, there is a lot of activity going on in the club. There are going to be a lot of distractions for them.

They really have to concentrate. What we'll do after this take the equipment out of their hands and right away they're going to feel looser and faster and quicker and stronger. Last week we had them standing on balance points throwing things, another week they have cords wrapped around their hip and we're pulling, trying to get them off balance.

Whatever it takes to add a little bit extra, of course looking at the fine point, then small details of the technique as well.

Hope that helps, this is Richard Mosdell, this is my daily karate vlog, oh wave to Olivia she's right there, and Mailia, hey, thank you very much! Bye!


Karate 360 Episode 43 - Bringing Value!

On the latest episode of the Karate 360 Podcast, hosts Kalan Anglos and Richard Mosdell bring value by offering their thoughts on the upcoming AKF Championships, the host cities for the next Summer Olympics, as well as training tips for karate athletes.



Daily karate vlog #82: every karate club needs a North Star!

Hi it's Richard Mosdell, and this is my daily karate vlog #82!

Today's theme; every karate club needs its north star.

What does that mean?

It's means that organization that is trying to provide a fantastic service, train some amazing people and have a vision for where the whole organization should go, needs one north star. One main direction. One navigation point that everybody can work towards.

In Facebook when they started it was trying to get users to use Facebook once a month, but now they are trying to get people to use it once a day. Daily users is the north star for everybody at Facebook. So if you're very inactive on Facebook then they are not building it for you, they are building it for people who are really active and find it really valuable.

In a karate club our north star should probably be our members coming once a week. Once a week, if they can't make it because they are on a vacation or one of the nights they normally come they have a school concert, that's understandable, but if they are free and they are really liking our service they should be here every week. And we should be helping them to enjoy the benefits of karate, and the fitness benefit of showing up and having a fantastic workout. So our north star should be members enjoying the club, getting a great workout once a week.

That's our north star. So that's want I wanted to share for everybody today what the north star is for your service, for your karate club, and that's being able to offer great karate instruction and if your members are able to enjoy it once a week that's great and if they're missing, they are not always coming to classes, it's not them, it's us. We have to do something to help them have a better workout, realize their goals better, help retain them here because as a karate club what we want to do is produce as many black belts as possible.

What do black belts means? People who become really talented at karate, who really want to stick around for a long time.

I'm Richard Mosdell, that's my daily karate vlog, so think about what is your north star and let me know what it is. Talk to you tomorrow!

Daily karate vlog #81: kicking series including counter blocking!

Hi it's Richard Mosdell, and this is my daily karate vlog #81!

Today is a series of kicking drills for how you can train to attack in kumite, and also how to do the defences. These are very simple, but also they are ideal because they are the most common scoring kicking skills are the ones where people try and score on you.

So I'm going to do 6.

1. So from here lead leg round house kick sliding in with the knee up, tag the body and come out.

2. Off the back of the body for mawashi and come out.

3. Then do an ura mawashi off the front leg to the head and come out.

4. Ura mawashi come off the back leg, drive your knee up, touch then come out.

5. Back leg mae geri is #5

6. And just for training the other side, forward kick and come back.

So a little bit faster, try and slide your knee, faster your knee up faster your kick, two, here three, four, five and 6 and drive back.

And now the counters, so he's going to come forward round house kick, slip counter that way, reverse punch.

2:  Same one mawashi, same one that side, and slip back, lead leg.

3. Lead ura mawashi geri I slip and then come in this way, counter punch.

4: Come's off his back leg counter or off the back leg double hand block just in case he fakes a kick and goes high, lead leg comes cover the head get out of the way and counter.

5: comes on the other side of the head cover and add the counter, back leg turn the hip and hit

6: If off the front leg, turn the hip, I'm dropping and twisting and out, and then switch legs and do the entire thing on the other side.

It's a really great kicking drill, make sure you're right on target, and get used to that, and then go back and forth, it's also a fantastic workout, even if you don't compete just having fun kicking is an awesome thing to do!

I'm Richard Mosdell, thanks a lot for watching the video log today.


Daily karate vlog #80: how I got 6 karate black belts!

Hi! It's Richard Mosdell and this is my daily karate vlog #80!

And today's theme is how I got my 6 karate black belts. Today is Sunday, and I always come in this afternoon and clean the club, put around, try and get things right, I want the club to look just nice, and in the process I found all my old black belts.

So let's go through and see what they each mean. Let's just flip the camera, ok 1989 I got the first one. and I thought I was in the original Wadokai style from Japan, um in Canada at the time you couldn't get a black belt with the label of the Wadokai, so the only black belts I could get at the time has the Japan Karate Association, which is actually a big Shotokan karate association, as you know the shotokan style. So I wore this black belt for ages as I was teaching.

Then when I went to Japan in 1993, people said "Hey!", they would look at my black belt and go "You're Shotokan!", and I'd say "No I7m not, I'm Wado!", and they'd say "No, you are not Wado either", oh I was like that was weird, so I had to start training in the original Wado style in Japan and in the process I got myself a very simple black belt, and here this one is so old that the Wado badge came off. And here it says "Toddo Mosdell", because I used to go by my middle name, and here it says " Wa-Do-Kai".

Then in 1998, I was back in Japan, I was coming and going, but I was back there and uh and here is the actual logo, the Wadokai and here it says "Ka-Na-Da Wa-Do-Kai", and I was starting to use my first name "Richa-do T Mozuderu".

In 2000 I switched my club name to Kenzen Karate. And so I have the name "Ken-Zen Karate Wa-do-Kai" on the new belt then here just "Richa-do Mozuderu", and there is the Wadokai badge.

Of all my belts, these ones are from Hirota, my very first one was from Tokaido, and as you can see this one I got the most use out of as I was wearing it all the time.

I went to Japan in 2004, and by 2005 I was the head coach, and this says "Seiritsu Gakuen Karatedo-du", the Seiritsu Gakuen Karate Club, it's the oldest in Tokyo, and my name "Richa-do Mozuderu", and just for my style I got Wadokai on it.

And as you can see for the 10yrs I was there I used it quite a bit.

2014 I came back to Canada and opened KenzenSports Karate and as a gift a different martial arts/karate maker called Shureido, who I ordered all my karate uniforms in Japan through for my karate club there, they gave me this as a gift and it says "Mozuderu Richa-do", "Kenzen Supotsu Karate".

And that's my 6 karate belts! And that was 2014, 3 years ago. So let's see, how often do I normally get a new belt, well there is about 4 years, 5 years, 2 years, 4-5 years, oh that was the longest, basically 9 years.

So this one is still holding up pretty good, thank you very much everyone over at Shureido! And uh, I am going to be using this for quite awhile, oh there is the office, so a karate uniform and a belt, those are just workout tools, the belt is a great signifier for where you are at, but the effort you put in is most important!

And while they go white and people think that's really cool, it's more important is putting in that effort, putting in that physical exercise, meeting your friends, having an awesome time, and if you can, come workout with us whenever you want.

I'm Richard Mosdell, this is my club Kenzen Sports Karate, and my daily vlog #80, and tomorrow going to bring you stuff training with the kids here, thanks a lot for watching!