At my karate club people call me Sensei. My friends just call me Richard.


JKFan Karate Magazine

The JKFan Karate Magazine keeps getting better and better.

Editor in Chief Aina Kobinata is doing a fantastic job leading the magazine into the 21st century.

Links to it below.

Champ Productions (English)
Champ Productions (日本語)


Being the chief instructor of Kenzen Sports Karate is my main role.

We're a friendly club with its own wonderful dojo that welcomes new beginners all the time.

Being directly linked to Japan and to Karate BC, the club is an active part of the mainstream karate community with proper style and governance oversight, while it is also important members are able to participate in any karate activities in Canada or abroad that interest them.

Everyone starts in a recreation program for their age group that leads to an advanced program.

For aspiring elite athletes dreaming to make it on the BC team and eventual national team to shoot for the Olympics, we offer a specialized sports-karate high-performance training program that meets 4x a week.

- Recreation Beginners & Advanced Karate
- Sports-Karate high-performance program
- After School Program
- Birthday Parties
- Karate Day Camps
- Private Lessons

Free trial lessons everyday:


I worked as the head coach of Seiritsu Gakuen's Middle School & High School's famous karate club, then oldest in Tokyo, from 2004-2014.

Not to mention I was lucky to teach the kids at the kindergarten the school owned across the street.

During the mornings I was the international department manager coordinating foreign students coming to the school and Japanese students going abroad.

Of course, karate was the main role, and in ten years we easily attended 100 karate events!

Seiritsu (Jpn homepage) 成立学園中学・高等学校

Seiritsu international department English homepage

Seiritsu Kindergarten幼稚園

Sonny Leads book

Sonny Leads Books

Twitter for Sonny Leads comic @sonnyleadsmanga

My book: Sonny Leads, Volume 1 僕のマンガ!

English karate manga comic set in Japan.