The karate Olympic bid celebration campaign is on!!!

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Kenzen Sports Karate - everyday is busy! 新道場で毎日忙しい!

We're entering into our 3rd month with the new karate club and things have been progressing quite well. It's fantastic so see how our vision for approaching modern karate balancing both the traditional and sporting aspects has received such a great reception with the many new students who've signed up for classes. Plus the dojo itself has turned out perfectly.

Many events are being planned for 2015, which should be a huge year for us.

"Certified coaches inspiring local talent."


USA-NKF National Karate Championships アメリカ全国空手道選手権大会

The last leg of the Sonny Leads volume 1 US book tour was the USA-NKF National Karate Championships & US Team Trials held in Reno, Nevada. We received an amazingly warm welcome to our promotion tour and the number of athletes, coaches, officials and spectators who became new readers and embraced the book was fantastic!


Upon arrival at the Peppermill Casino.

Catching up with an old friend, US Team Coach Tokey Hill. Thanks for the support!

Very spirited matches! Good to see style-only kata divisions too.

Warming up one of the American Sports Karate athletes from Naples.

The response by new readers was really great! Lots of autograph signing & picture taking!

Venice Beach, LA! ヴェニスビーチ

During the 3 week US book tour for my new graphic novel, Sonny Leads volume 1, with the publishing company Manga University, we had an afternoon off in LA so naturally we escaped the traffic and hit the beach!

And yes, the Pacific is colder than the Atlantic!


AAU Karate Nationals!

After leaving Naples, Florida, the book tour's next stop was the AAU National Karate Championships in Fort Lauderdale.

It was really great to meet up with karate folks I've bumped into often before going to Japan 10 years agp, like George Kotaka and John Fonseca, although I ran into both of them at the 2008 WKF Worlds in Tokyo.


A warm thank you goes out to those people at the AAU event who embraced my graphic novel once the understood what it is about. Plus, thanks to the American Sports Karate team from Naples for including me in their warm-ups! 

Surprisingly, I also ran into Mr. Sugiura, Chairman of Tokaido Martial Arts Supplies from Tokyo, and we both looked at each other like 'What are you doing here?!'

大会で私は偶然 東海道の杉浦会長に会った!びっくり!

George Kotaka.

John Fonseca.

Mr. Sugiura.

LA Anime Expo!

The Sonny Leads book tour arrived at Anime Expo in LA from July 4-6 and the reception from true anime & manga fans was great! It was my first time to such a huge anime/manga event where also thousands of cosplayers were out wearing so many different costumes. Many must have taken weeks to make. Thanks to all the new readers who picked up the book and the positive praises afterwards. Hope to be back next year with Volume 2! Big thanks to my publisher, Manga University, for arranging everything so well! ロスでアニメ・エキスポはすごくよかった!お客様、ありがとうございました!

Karate Kid 30yr anniversary!

While traveling through Encino, LA California a few weeks back on the way to the USA-NKF National Karate Championships in Reno, we stopped at a huge mural for the Karate Kid movie. The timing was perfect not just because of our book publication, but also it is the 30th anniversary of the movie's release.