At my karate club people call me Sensei, and my friends just call me Richard.


Vlog #59; Shima Karate Club's amazingly awesome new dojo!!

Hey it's Richard Mosdell it's my daily karate vlog#59 and I'm not in my club, I'm in Shima Karate dojo in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada!

And this this dojo, I think it's the club has been around for 29 or 30 years being in a different locations, now they have their own building! Right behind their last location there was a library and the library moved the the building became available and they were able to not only purchase the building but renovate it, I mean look at this place!

This is incredible, the main training floor, back training floor, there's an office, they have a camera on the wall so parents can watch the classes, so I want to thank you graduations Kurt Sensei and Brenda Sensei for all your hard work on doing this. If anybody says, walks and says you're lucky, it's not lucky, they really works for this, and everybody in all our friends that are friends of theirs super proud of them and happy for them.

I think they're over 300 members and this place is packed like 10-15 minutes ago tons of people are here.

And you know why people will come here?

Because they get something that they really enjoy and they can sense that the instructors honestly truly care about them having good karate not just karate, but good karate, and this is incredible you know if anybody says karate is dying or isn't fun you haven't been to a club that's awesome, that really brings a lot of value and has a lot of stuff that does things at a recreational level and a high performance level, that does kobudo weapons, interacts with the big mainstream karate community, does trips to Japan this place is fantastic. And where do you want to go (for karate)?

You want to go somewhere where you can be with friends, be with people you like, get something out of it, sweat a little bit, challenge your mind, see for you a way that you can go forward, and karate fantastic because nobody sits on the bench you know everyone gets to be included and you can see that today the little and the older ones.

You know when younger ones can interact with someone who's older it's amazing you don't have where you just a U15 team or U21 team. So congratulations again to Shima Karate, this is fantastic and we look forward to supporting them and seeing them in all the events and watching this club just produce incredible people.

I'm Richard Mosdell, thanks a lot to be Big Owen from Kenzen for coming up to helping out and I look forward to talking to you guys later!

Daily karate vlog #58: being underestimated...

Hey it's Richard Mosdell, it's my daily karate Vlog # 58.

Do people underestimate you?

I just want to document that first I was born in one of   the richest countries and one of the   safest places and no matter what I'm   going to succeed, anybody can succeed here   with just a little bit of effort so   there's really nothing to complain about   there's nothing I can really get down on   you know and yet when you're young and I   really learned this, you don't know that   you just are aware of what's in your   area, do you know that there's more   suicides by people who are in first   world countries than in third world countries   especially in countries where education   is forced to be the one and only way to   move forward.

When I was born I had   arthritis my knees I remember people   saying yeah you might not run that fast   even had braces on them but you know   you get over that, when I got older I was   super scrawny and people would say oh   you're karate's not going to get that   good, you're not going to be that be strong   they would even look at you well I   remember time I try to karate pants backwards   first time.

I remember trying to learn   Japanese and having people who could   speak four or five languages go your   English is even bad you were able to met   you weren't even able to pass French in   school you're never going to learn   Japanese you'll never be able to do it,   I remember not only did I want to try out   for my provincial team, but I couldn't,   I remember I wasn't even allowed to join   and I would go to tournaments and watch,   through my whole teenage years people   competing and going, man I wish I could   do that! 

I remember being told I could never go   to Japan or if I did people just laugh   at me because you know my karate is bad I   won't be able to speak Japanese I'll have no   idea what's going on, all those things I   overcame and boy sometimes I've been   lazy, I've been lazy for years at a time   but I remember overcoming them all and I   think the best way to move forward is   definitely listen to people, and don't   listen to them at all. Somebody asked me   why are you trying so hard right now?

Why   are you trying to do the Canada Open?   Why are you trying to help other people with   their troubles in their club when they   they need help? Why are you in a while   you're in your karate club six, seven   days a week? Why do you waste your time   with birthday parties on the weekend?   Because I not even supposed to be in   this organization I'm not supposed to   even be good at karate, I'm not even   supposed to have lasted two weeks in   Japan, I was supposed to be sent back   with the tail between my legs, not last   ten years! Look where I am, isn't this awesome, I   absolutely love being in the club late   at night after everyone's been working   hard.   Someone actually told me today that   I should do less, that we should all do   less, that we should watch more TV, drink   more beer.

You know what,   I'm gonna do more!   You know what's really weird is my   energy level is normal for the karate   group that I came from where I was for   ten years, it was normal to get on the   phone and go "there's 52 weekends in here   how many are we going to fill with karate   events that we can get away with and our   spouses won't kill us? How many can we do? 

There's a hole right there that weekend   there's a hole we got to get something   in there, our kids they need something,   there are not enough tournaments, let's make five,   we don't have enough international trips   let's make six, we made a connection with   someone overseas in Sri Lanka great   we're going to go there every year for   the next 20 years!" That was cool if you   can be positive so people underestimate   you well if you're not talented and I'm not   always, but if it's passionate, what, you're   passionate what you do and you get   results and you can make other people's   lives better, let's do it, let's go out   and do it! 

That's my daily karate vlog   #58, I really really want this space to be   a launching pad for anybody who loves   karate anybody wants to come here and   if there is somebody outside here likes what   we do and wants this vibe I'm going to   bring it to you just like I told someone   this morning, if you're eight hours away and   you need help we're coming so can   underestimate us, you can be a naysayer or   bringing more we're going to do more   this Olympic sunshine and all this   attention and all these great friends   are meeting let's go out and let's do   something big I mean real big let's   really knock it out of the park   let's get excited about who we are, maybe   I have to watch a little less TV   excellent let's get it done.

I'm Richard Mosdell my daily karate vlog a   little karate thoughts documenting the   day, I hope you're having an awesome time   remember if you write to me a question I   will give you a free karate book! That's   right free karate books from Kenzen,   Sonny Leads.

On Wednesday I   pick the best question, can't wait to hear   from you send me your thoughts and by the   way these messages the emails really   love them, like oxygen, have a great night!


Daily karate vlog #57: the best way to make your karate better - talk to your sensei!!

Daily vlog #56; talking to your sensei is the fastest way to learn how to get better!

Canada Open preparation is keeping me hopping, so I hope to caption the next video for you.



Daily karate vlog#56; win a FREE karate book!

Hi this is Richard Mosdell, this is my daily karate vlog #56, and I want to give away free stuff!

That's right, totally free, I produced (wrote) a book in Japan with Manga University called Sonny Leads, this is about what it's actually like to go to Japan right now and do karate in today's Japan.

We've all read about the masters from a long time ago, but this talk's about if you went to Tokyo right now, got off the plane at Narita airport, which is the airport you go to to get to Tokyo, and you slid into town, and you had to get a home stay, you had to train in different dojos, you had to try and meet friends, you didn't know how to speak the language, this is actually illustrated, it's a manga by Japan's most famous martial arts illustration, his name is Kamobayashi Sensei.

First part of the book is what it's like to actually be in Japan and because he knows how to draw, he's an actual karate teacher as well.

What karate looks like, what a Japanese house looks like, there's just tons of information here. Then in the middle there's a glossary of Japanese words, and in the back I wrote all these essays about what it was like to teach karate in Japan full-time, as well as give you a complete dictionary of all the Japanese karate organizations right now and how they are laid out.

You could take this book, get off the plane in Japan, learn a little Japanese, learn some culture and learn where everything is in Japan. And you know what?! I'm giving away a signed copy for free!! So for one week, right now it's a Wednesday until next Wednesday (May 24), anybody who writes any type of question.

Anything you want, and you can send me a DM, you can put it on Facebook on the YouTube page, whatever you like and then I'll start answering those questions next Wednesday, maybe put Ask Richard Sensei in your title and then the best question we get, we'll just go "That's a really good one!!" and I will send you this book anywhere in the world, where ever you are!

So again it Richard Mosdell, my book is called Sonny Leads Volume 1, they are working on Volume 2, and I want to give you a free book. I hope you like that, send you your questions, I got 3 questions this morning so I'll add them for next Wednesday, I'd love to hear from you, thanks a lot!!


Daily karate vlog #55; TWO reaction warm-up exercises!

Hey it's Richard Mosdell, this is my daily karate vlog #55, and let's work on a really easy reaction drill, it's great to do for a warm-up, at the end of class, in the middle of the class to refresh everybody, it's getting to react to something else and they can do it in partners, the students can work together, or you can have one person at the front and a whole bunch of people in a row.

So here it is; take your finger, point it at your partner, right, the easy thing is follow the finger (with head nods), point up go up, point down go down, point that way go that way, point that way go that way, always reset to the centre.

One you do that you must do the opposite, it's the opposite game!

Ready, so if I go up, go down, go down, go up, go that way, go that way, go that way, go that way. If you screw it up, one push-up, or one squat, or one something. It's a great way to relax, try not to over think it and pull your concentration together.

That is a really really simple game and again one instructor can be in front of all kinds of people and doing it.

And then you can transition to something else where you can do a drill where you go up they punch low, you go low they punch high, right, you twist they kick this way, you twist this way they kick this way, when you move forward they move back, you move this way, or you move forward and they go in, right.

So reaction games, using your finger to warm them up, the students, or using your body after that. I'm Richard Mosdell, that's my daily karate vlog #55, and our way to 100!

Got a great thing for you as well tomorrow, thanks for listening in, send me your comments, send me your questions, bye!!