At my karate club people call me Sensei, and my friends just call me Richard.


Highlights of the Celebration of Karate vlog 132

Highlights of the Celebration of Karate in Kelowna, BC Canada! 4 styles plus kobudo plus fitness conditioning for karate!

Shotokan - Rodney Hobson Karate Academy
Gojuryu - Toshi Uchiage, Steveston Karate Club
Shitoryu - Rita Ngo, Odokan Karate Club
Wadoryu - Richard Mosdell, Kenzen Sports Karate
Kobudo - Paul Robertson, Kamloops Renshikan Karate
Fitness - KFit Conditioning with Kalan Anglos



Celebration of Karate vlog 131

Celebration of Karate event vlog 131

RHKA is putting on an amazing Celebration of Karate where participants can learn about numerous styles, plus kobudo and karate fitness training!

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Former world champion in Vancouver vlog 130

This vlog has highlights of former WKF world kata champion Takashi Katada's Vancouver seminar on August 14, plus an interview with Eric Masino of American Sports Karate!

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Former WKF world karate champion Takashi Katada seminar vlog 129

Fantastic weekend seminar with 2002 WKF world kata champion Takashi Katada! See the highlights!

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