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Karate vlog #87: are you the karate teacher who brings the honey or the vinegar?

Hey it's Richard Mosdell it's my karate vlog #87, and as a karate teacher do you bring the honey or do your bring the vinegar when you're teaching your students, or working with your staff?

By honey I mean are you trying to think about what that person wants to do, where they want to succeed, reengineer their own thinking whether they are a student that is trying to pass a belt test, just get up to their yellow belt, understand what to do, maybe try and perform well at a competition, or to prepare to perform at many competitions so you try to understand what they are doing and how you can help them.

Or are you bringing vinegar where you do not want to know about what they are doing or how they think, and you're going to tell them what's going to happen, they have to follow your way, and that's all that's going to happen, is your, uh, all the ideas in your head are going to filter through to them without understanding what they want to do.

I think it's really important that to build confidence with the new students that come in, the students that have been here for a long time, with people who are just becoming instructors, and then becoming staff, and trying to go out and interact with other parts of the karate community, we build as much confidence as possible.

Are you the type of instructor who doesn't mind people making mistakes as long as the intentions for everybody are in the right way, are you the type of person who really wants to get the best out of everybody, and be there for them day to day. In the every day martial arts industry, we've got to come with lots of honey and and really think about what it is we can do for our students and our staff, and bring them a ton of energy.

It's Monday, this place is going to fill up really soon and I can't wait. I'm Richard Mosdell, that's my karate vlog #86 and in the next one I can't wait to show you kids kicking and punching doing all kinds of stuff. Thanks for watching!