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Daily karate vlog #86: 15hrs in the dojo!

Hey everybody it's Richard Mosdell, it's my video vlog #86, and today's theme is 15hrs in the karate club!

That's right! I must sure love being here.

But with a full day of summer camps, then classes, then cleaning the club and getting ready for tomorrow, then next thing you know, 15hrs just clocked over. And that's how much I love being here. Somebody once asked me, 'hey, how do you do it?!'

Well I didn't start at 15hrs on day 1, it was like 1hr twice a week, then I started adding to it, and adding to it, and adding to it, by the time I was in Japan it was 7 days a week, there was a time when it was 60-70 days in a row without a break, and now it's our own club. So is it difficult to do 15hr days? Well it doesn't happen everyday, but I really really want the club to be a fantastic place for someone if they come here tomorrow.

When they walk through the door, all the kids are coming in, all the leaders, all the other staff, all the parents, I want them to walk in the space and know that we did our best to make it ready for someone else.

The karate club is like a ship, it is literally like something we take out, we use, we bring it back, we take people with us, we've got to keep them safe, keep them active, keep them healthy, uh and when we take them to the park we have to make sure they don't get sunburned or lost. It is exactly like a ship, but we also have to put a lot of energy in to it to keep it going.

I love this. This is great, I actually can't wait to get back to here tomorrow, cause it's our space, and you guys are so much fun to be with.

So the theme, 15hrs if you love what you do, none of it is a chore, it is all, all, because we love what we're doing, and of course it's work, I'm sweaty, I've been moping, I've been moving stuff, that's great. So if you love something put the hours in and go for it. Just go for it. Hey if you want to workout with me after class, I'm up for that too.

I'm Richard Mosdell, this is my karate vlog #86, going to document the days as we go along here what it's like to run a full-time karate club and have a blast doing it. Talk to you soon!