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Karate vlog #88: wanna throw a sneaky roundhouse kick?!

Hi this is Richard Mosdell, this is my daily karate vlog #88, lucky 88!

Do you wanna throw a sneaky roundhouse kick? Me too! I'm going to show you 3 easy things to remember.

Working with my trusty partner Laszlo, so number if I just throw my regular roundhouse kick off my back leg, from this position, he can easily block and counter. block-counter. Cause my centre and his centre are lined up, so if I bounce in line with his lead foot, now my kick wants to sneak around and get right around to the back. That's #1.

Second, as I'm moving, and as I throw the kick I want to lift it like a front kick, lift it like a front kick, then right when it's up high, the foot is extended, snap it across and pull back.

And the third one is bounce off my back step and slide into the motion. By bouncing, here I get my foot in line then I bounce off the back motion the other person might not expect it, to go from here and then slide and get my leg in. So, line up with the lead foot, lift like a front kick and rotate it, and bounce off the back step and slide forward.

Let's watch Henry and Laszlo try and kick each other! Stay on that line. Ok stop! Good.

So that's how to throw a sneaky roundhouse kick and we can do it with our lead leg, back leg, this is a really good one to think about, on the line, like a front kick and slide and twist into it. I'm Richard Mosdell, that's my daily vlog, thanks a lot for watching!