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Daily karate vlog48; does your karate have special effects?

Hi, I'm Richard Mosdell, this is my daily karate vlog I think it's #48, and today I want to talk about "does your karate have special effects?"

I'm not talking about light show, and smoke show and stuff, I'm talking about something similar, are you doing in your karate that you don't need, that are unnecessary, that are trying to get you more attention from referees let's say if you're competing, or you are adding too many things to your karate that shouldn't really be there for more effect or for getting more power and attention.

Let's go through a couple things, very easy one is, let's say I'm doing a move like a knife hand block, right and I go (slap!), and what I'm doing is I'm hitting myself for effect, ok.

Watch my back leg for the kata Annan, right so the kata Annan is here, I come forward, see if you can see my special effect. Stomp! Stomp! Trying to stomp my back foot, that's really actually unnecessary, even when you see it at a really high level, in Annan you are supposed to slide forward, slide forward, so again a really common special effect is when people are sparring and they're going Aiii (slap!) and hitting themselves instead of hitting the opponent, like this to make a loud sound effect.

Actually what's really common in the karate leagues in Japan for a kata athlete is to do a move and hit themselves on their way around, um we were practicing Nipaipo the other night, watching how an athlete comes from here and hit their body as they come out, they might do a technique where they hit their body as they're coming forward. So these are little special effects you don't need. Let's look at one you might do in class, you might see more commonly, is some who does a bounce off their back leg, bounce and go forward, bounce and go forward, to try and generate power instead of getting the body to lean in.

They might open up their foot, they might lift their shoulders up, so these are little special effects we don't need in our karate, we should try and take them out, easiest way to take them out is relax, make it more simple, make your arms loose,a really good way to make your arms loose is just swing your arms, and then feel your shoulders come down, then get into your position you want to train from.

So the special effects, um sorry no light show today, we'll do that another time, actually we'll have something like that for you tomorrow, but thanks a lot for watching and thanks a lot for the comments, I'm Richard Mosdell, hope that helps, talk to you later!