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Daily karate vlog #47; pool noodle of death drill!

Hi it's Richard Mosdell, it's my daily karate vlog number 47 (!), and today we're going to do a really fun drill that I learned from Peter Stoddart, thanks a lot Peter, is how to use a pool noodle when you train!

When we used to train we used to use bamboo swords and stuff, but nowadays, it's the pool noodle it's a lot more fun. I call this Pool Noodle of Death! Alright, so let's use Owen, there are 3 ways to do a very ease one, one is swing and the athlete has to jump, there one is go high and the athlete has to duck, the other one is straight down, they have to step out of the way with the pool noodle in front of them, ok, so we go low, high, straight, and then you don't tell them what's coming, like that!

Ok, so let's get a whole crew of people, let's make a half circle standing close, half circle close, ready, this is what you do with it! Jump, jump, jump! Duck, duck, duck, duck! Duck! Jump, Jump, jump, jump! Twist, twist, twist, twist, jump, jump. jump, jump! As you can see if we have a whole bunch of people in a circle we can really get them to move.

Alright, this is a pool noodle drill, there's lots of them, one of them is slow-mo, slow as you can, slow as you can, like that, lots of them. The great thing is it doesn't hurt and they can react to it, there's other ones where you can flick it right at the person, or come towards them, so it's a great drill, you can make up your own games.

Let me know how it goes, that's my daily vlog #47 (!), thanks to everybody for helping out, I'm Richard Mosdell, talk to you next time!