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Daily karate vlog #49; Canada Open Kata!!

Hi this is Richard Mosdell, this is my daily karate vlog #49, and today we've done this fantastic thing, we've put together 6 different styles, matched them up in their base fundamental  skills and make the "Canada Open Kata".

We wrote it here on the board, and what this is going to do is, this kata we're going to put it on the Canada Open website, and we'd like to invite everyone coming to the Canada Open tournament to learn it so we can learn how different styles do their kata's, and all get on the floor on Sat June 3 at lunch time, try and fill all 6 rings, like 200-300 people, and do this kata together, maybe to a Japanese drum, so boom one move, boom another move, so we can experience what it's like to do other people's style kata's, feel more inclusive, work together, this is Canada it's all about multiculturalism, and and maybe make an attempt to have most people in Canada to do a kata.

At the same time, take that video, send it to the World Karate Federation (WKF), because on June 17th they're having the World Karate Day at a big event in Europe, and they can see this video from Canada.

So let's talk to these great karate athletes, these karateka with me, of what they thought about putting the kata together, let's start with Elias!

"I like that we found a way to mix all 6 styles and make a really cool kata!",

how about Malia,  "It was a fun kata!" It was a fun kata?, that's great,

how about Ry?  "I really like the last move , I think it looks really cool", right on,

And Owen? "And I really liked the team building exercise of putting everything together!"

Awesome, see it can be lots of fun, we hope that no matter where you are or who you are when you perform the Canada Open kata, do you it your way, high block high block, low block is a low block, no problem, thanks a lot to everybody for watching, go to the Canada Open karate page for next week we'll have it up, thanks a lot to Joe behind the camera, and I'm Richard Mosdell, this is my daily karate vlog #49, and tomorrow #50, bye!!