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Daily karate vlog#51; learn the details of the crescent kick spin in the Canada Open kata

Hey it's Richard Mosdell. it's my daily karate vlog#51, and today I want to talk about the Canada Open kata, thanks a lot for all the great comments you have been sending back, I'm glad you liked how we were able to piece together some different styles and have some fun with it, and and give a tribute to Tsuruoka Sensei at the beginning because those beginning moves are on the cover of his book from his favourite kata.

So there have been some questions about the very last move, to stop and the turn, just how to set it up, so I'm going to do it from the back angle from here, so #17 the Kiai, open up your hand, hit it, turn and come around.

A really easy way of doing this is have your stance here, the foot block, step, turn, notice my hands are low, pull the right leg back, and then pull my hands up. This is called "kakuto uke", raising block, some people call it crane block, "kakuto" is the bent part, so I'll do it again from this angle, think about step, the arms come down, turn the torso and slide back.

From this angle here, hands open, hit, step, arms come down, turn, slide the right foot back and lift the hands up. Hope that makes it simple, it's easy to think about step across, turn, slide back into cat stance. The last move here, "shuto kamae", from Annan (kata), I think in the original video I had a little more edge, but the hands are straight this way.

Think about the arms coming up into 'kamae', guard position. Then a shotokan style coming out. I hope that helps, just learning the little bits, I have found now teaching it to different people in our club, it takes about 20-25 minutes (to learn) then you've got it and you can share with other people.

Hope you liked that, I'm Richard Mosdell, tomorrow I'm going to bring you something different, thanks a lot for tuning it, see you then!