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Daily karate vlog #46; I'm more interested in you, not your money

It's about appreciation and effort. Not your wallet.

Hey, it's Richard Mosdell it's my karate daily vlog #46, and I want to share something that's just not technique, I want to share how lots of people come through our club for all kinds of reasons, and some parts of Canada like ours real estate is really high, some people are talking about their being soon a collapse of the bubble, everyone should be waiting for some sort of collapse of the market, and it makes people nervous especially around the first of the month, people have to pay those bills, feed their family, get things done, and I always want to tell anybody who is struggling out there, who is related to doing anything with our club, that um we're more interested in our members having a fantastic experience with us in anything that we do in the karate world, than we are in their money.

We're more interested in our members, people who hang out with us having a really fun time, and really getting something out of this experience, now if they're in the space, bouncing around, bumping into to stuff, then everyone has to pay their share so we can keep the lights on, keep everyone moving, and pay our coaches, but if someone is having a hard time, they need a bit of a break, then we're not going to drag out some terms and conditions and spread it all over them, we're really going to think about what's going on with them and how we can help them, I'm not interested in making a lot of short term money.

I've never been interested in making a lot of money, maybe I should, but I'm really interested in legacy, I want to know 10, 20 years from now we have a lot of healthy happy people trying really hard, sweating like crazy, they've worked up to their black belt and beyond, as when you get to your black belt it's just the beginning, and they're out there teaching classes, leading the next wave of kids coming up, getting people to the BC Team and taking people to Japan, doing all kinds of stuff, so I'm more interested in you, in where your going, in what you're doing and how you can get there.

I'm not as interested in your wallet, so let's create a really fun space doing whatever we need to do, you know, like right now I'm making this video, be so happy I did, get a few comments back, and there will be 4 or 5 things that I've gotta deal with, that's great, that's jus the way it is, so if you're out there having a hard day or a hard month, don't worry you're going to get through this, don't worry you're going to climb out of this, if you feel like you're on the floor well at least you know you can't fall any farther, you're going to climb, it's going to get better, you don't need all the fancy stuff, I don't wear watches or jewelry, that's not required, just put in the effort and make sure you smile, and it's all going to come back to you, so let's have a fantastic May, let's kick a lot of butt.

And if you have free time come to the Canada Open and have some smiles with everybody else, I look forward to seeing you at least come in the club and kick and punch with me, let's talk tomorrow and we'll do some new techniques, I'm Richard Mosdell, and thanks for watching!