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Daily karate vlog#45; turbo punching!

Learn how to turbo punch!

Hey, it's Richard Mosdell and this is my daily karate vlog #45, and today we're going to do turbo punching! We've seen a video from a fantastic club training in Japan, and they use turbo punching to get their fitness up, get their targeting, be really concentrated on what they're doing, so let's demonstrate it here slowly, then we'll bring in an athlete and he'll turbo it out for us.

The idea is very simple, you've probably seen this type of technique before, you're in place, you step into the target, and you snap out, the thing with turbo punching is you have to go back and forth as quickly as you can, in and back, in and back, make sure you think about turning your shoulders, make sure you think about stepping in and back, quick little steps off your front foot, and make your lead hand pull forward and back as you're going in, one and back, one and back, to be quick you have to be loose in your arms, and then feel the motion coming back, it's great because you're thinking about staying on target and staying in the fight, let's ask Steve to jump in here and show us how it's done, ready, go! (bang-bang x 10), Aii!

Awesome, so you can see how this is a great drill for your fitness, I know having the run the club through this a few times, by the time you get to your 10th, 12th or 15th set, on both side, you will be dripping wit sweat, and you're going to really feel it, it's great because one thing that is a pet peeve for mine, for me is when people are training, and they do punch-punch and drop their hands, or punch-kick-stop, and they don't stay in the fight, or they just relax out in their practice, so you want to stay in the fight and keep your eyes on target, the neat thing too about this one is your lead hand is moving quickly, so you can be thinking block as you're hitting, covering up, so the lead arm is balancing the other arm.

Hope you liked it, give it a try and let me know how it goes, turbo punching in the class, you can do a roundhouse kick instead of a punch or any type of drill where you keep going forward-back-forward-back, thanks a lot! I'm Richard Mosdell, big thanks to Steve, big thanks to Owen behind the camera, and I'll talk to you tomorrow!