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Daily karate vlog#44: karate history challenge (hint, look for the DVD case)

Hey it's Richard Mosdell, it's my karate vlog number 44, do you know why in the karate class sometimes we do 'shomen ni rei' bow to the front, we're not bow to the front, we're not bowing to the Emperor anymore, so what's the purpose of it?

I've heard different theories on this, one is you should be thinking about safety that we should be thinking that time to do karate everything else should be left for after class, second is we should have some sort of connection to where karate came from and for people in North America there's been some big karate pioneers who come here and what I bow to the front what I like to do it's just for that one little moment where I'm calming myself taking three exhalations is just think about which line, how am I thinking what have I learned and just remember it came from somewhere that someone had the sweat to teach me and every single person who's ever let me in their class that's really important, so when it comes to karate history and bringing karate to North America there's been some huge pioneers, huge who've really done a lot and some have really popped.

Soon we're going to host the Canada Open Karate Championships hint hint wink wink and I think it's important that we should try and show off some of the history of why karate so popular especially if you're a karate instructor like me over 30 years old wink wink you probably got into karate for a certain reason, you probably saw something about karate that was awesome and that's what got you into it, well that person who was that amazing influencer that got us all rocking and rolling so many years ago, right, you've got to start thinking gotta start getting ready for it because that person is going to be at the Canada Open and you're going to get a chance (mumble) to get his autograph, get a picture with him shake his hand because it's not very often you get a chance to meet someone of this caliber at the Canada Open!

Answer: Fumio Demura Sensei!!