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Daily karate vlog#43: ducking & slipping for kumite & self-defence!

Hi, I'm Richard Mosdell, this is my daily karate vlog#43, today I want to work on how to duck, and slip, and weave, both for karate, for kumite, and and also for self-defence if someone is coming after you. It's a really fun drill to keep your eyes and get out of danger, and put yourself in a better position.

Ok, I'm going to use this karate athlete I have here, Olivia, come on over, ok so what I want to do is every time I punch, she's gotta dodge and get out of the way, dodge slip or weave, and go, move, and makes sure she ducks under, slips her head and goes in a different direction, ok, what I'm going to do is make this a mix for sparring an self-defence, she wants to stay as far away as she can from me, inside the ring, alright, ready! Remember, duck weave try and stay away from me, Go! Try and stay away from me, make sure you duck, keep going, she's gotta change directions to confuse me, don't keep going the same directions, keep her eyes up, she can use her hands, she doesn't want to be close, that's it, it's a hard drill to do, but it's great because you can be moving, alright thank you very much.

Now our other karate athlete Malia is going to run over here, ok so there is one thing you will notice and there's a lot of dodging and weaving videos out there so I'm just trying to make this - all that great information that everyone is sharing - really karate specific as well as you can use it for self-defence. Notice that if my hand is out here  - can you reach me with your arm? - not really, but can you reach me with your leg?

Absolutely, ok, so what I'm going to do is use this kicking shield, and I'm going to do the same drill, trying to tag her in the head, and she can dodge, weave or she can stop me with her leg if she has the distance. Ok, let's give it a try, ready? Ok, here we go! Make sure you use your front kick hard, that's it, and try and dodge and weave, ok, get that distance, don't let me get close try harder, hai!, keep your eyes on me, that's it, nice one at the end. Very good! Give me a high-five, very good! So you can see if she kicks really hard - kick really hard! - right that can stop the other person and gives her range, and it's great for sparring because here we are dodging and weaving and moving, I use - come over here - uh if she punches here I slip in or I slip this way, I can also dodge just enough that i can score and come out.

So dodging and weaving both for karate kumite (sparring) and for self-defence, it's a really fun drill and it's gonna get your heart rate up, and it's going to give all kinds of options for the athlete in their mind, thanks a lot, thank you to you two!!

I'm Richard Mosdell, hope you enjoyed that, use it and let me know how it goes, try that drill out, send me some comments back! See ya!!