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Daily karate vlog#42: the source of punching power!

Hi, it's Richard Mosdell, here's my daily karate vlog #42, and today I want to talk about the source of punching power.

Is it deep in the muscles way back in here? Does it power off the floor? Is it about the speed that's coming from your hand? Is it about being on target with good technique?

It's all of those things, but le's just look at being really relaxed with the body, and having good quick whip like motion, especially pressing off the floor. So here my body is really tight so I only get so much power if I just throw just with the muscles, I only get so much power as well, what I want to do is have a very loose punch, and apply my body to it, so you can see with the bag, it's going to move more if i can get my 85kilos behind as I press off the floor, and I get my body nice and light, my technique, my arms, all nice and quick, So that's what I want you to think about for punching power, not to tense up. In class you"ll see people raise up their shoulders, or you'll see people dip their head.

I want you to feel very quick in your arm and then put your body behind it. Ok, that's a really good way to have a quick technique and you can last longer in your karate because when you tense up you're going to get really tired. What we want to do is be quick and have the rotation here, hai!

I'm Richard Mosdell, all the comments I'm getting one's or two's every day, it's awesome to hear you are getting something out of this, even if you're just laughing at me when all the gloves are thrown at me, alright I really appreciate and I look forward to talking to you tomorrow.