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Hey Richard, why the daily karate videos???

So you're probably thinking 'why the heck is Richard making a daily karate video blog?!' Well, I ask myself the same thing.

It's simple my friends, I want to document the process, the successes and sweet failures, of living the karate life so others can maybe get some value out of it.

I film them on Facebook Live, then upload to YouTube, then post on my blog too.

And warm thank you to those people who already have sent me such positive comments even for these first few vblogs, your comments are like my oxygen!

And if these videos help more people discover my Sonny Leads book on training karate in Japan, or they become curious about all the fantastic things we're doing at the Kenzen dojo, even better.

It's so great when someone actually reads the book and then rushes to tell me right away after it was better than they expected, and that they want to read volume 2 right away. That same content I'm bring to daily shows.

So enjoy the vblogs as I sure do enjoy sharing them with you all.