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PhD program here I come! 博士号プログラムに合格しました!

Well, a new life's learning chapter starts from April as I've been accepted into the Peace & Conflict Studies PhD program in the Graduate School of Global Studies at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies!

My dissertation will be on human rights education (HRE), which is also part of international education studies. I've been studying HRE for 2 years now. It is actually similar to global karate studies because both have spread worldwide since the end of WW2 and both promote equality through education.

東京外国語大学大学院 国際社会専攻 平和構築紛争予防英語博士課程に合格しました!


Next month I will successfully graduate with a M.A. in Global Studies from the Graduate Program in Global Studies  at Sophia University in Tokyo.
Yeah, done!
来月、上智大学大学院グローバル・スタディーズ研究科 グローバル社会専攻 修士課程を卒業します。終わった!