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Global English グローバル・イングリッシュ

Global English can mean that the most spoken language in the world is English, more than Chinese, because so many 2nd and 3rd language learners communicate with each other in English.


From Monday to Friday last week the 3rd year junior high school students participated my English conversation lessons focused on Global English. The students studied world issues as listed by the United Nations. The students did a great job learning short speeches and deciding in English which issues were most important individually.
The black marks are for most important issues and red marks are for topics students want to study when they get to University.


By being a global studies graduate student, I've been trying to approach teaching Global English by having the students use their English skills to communicate their ideas to each other. Most of these
topics they have already learned about in their social studies, science and National Geographic classes.


1 Nuclear weapons 核兵器
2 Ageing 高齢化社会
3 Air pollution 大気汚染
4 Water 水
5 racism 人種差別
6 human rights 人権
7 endangered animals 絶滅危惧種
8 women 女権
9 population 人口問題
10 global warming 地球温暖化
11 AIDS エイズ
12 democracy 民主主義
13 food 食糧不足
14 children 子供
15 terrorism テロ
16 arms trade 軍備拡張
17 Africa アフリカ
18 corruption 汚職
19 oil 原油
20 landmines 地雷