At my karate club people call me Sensei, and my friends just call me Richard.


New Seiritsu Karate Club homepage! 成立空手道部ホームページ!

The Seiritsu karate club has a new webpage for information and news! We'll be posting news and pictures from after each tournament and event - it's in Japanese only so I'll try to put bilingual news here too!



Paul, Jonas & Peter workout! パール、ヨナス、ピーターと稽古!

LinkOnce a week Peter Williams and Jonas the Intern workout with me at Seiritsu, and we were joined yesterday by Paul from the US who actually lives in Chiang Mai, Thailand and trains karate at Japan Karate Institute there. Paul is spending 2 weeks training at Shiramizu and seeing the local sights.

Sorry, I forgot to take a picture of the four of us, but here's what the dojo looks like from outside.




Hiroki & Kazu are on the scene! ヒロキとカズに来ました!

Hiroki, moi, Kazu!

Yesterday OB Hiroki (2008 sub-captain) and Kazu (2009 captain) came to the school dojo to show the high schoolers how karate is really done. As a student, Hiroki and Kazu had a few best 16 placements in the local tournaments, and Kazu was on the Boy's Kata Team at the 2010 Kanto Regionals. Both started karate in Seiritsu so it was great to see them kicking and punching yesterday with us!



New non-Japanese karate intern! 新外国人研修生!

Shiramizu Karate accepted a new non-Japanese karate intern from last week; Jonas Holm from Sweden. Jonas got interested in Japan though learning Shotokan karate as an elementary student, and now he's a Japan specialist. There will be an English interview with him later this week so please check the Shiramizu internship English blog to see if he likes umeboshi or not...



Kumite highlights video: Wadokai Nat'ls 和道会ナショナルズ組手ハイライトビデオ

Here's a kumite highlight video of the recent 47th JKF Wadokai Japan Karate Nationals.
It is from the second of two days, held on August 28, 2011 at the Nippon Budokan.