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Tokyo Ward Team Kumite Tournament Results! 都民体育大会の結果

The 63 Annual Tokyo Ward Men's Team Kumite tournament was yesterday. Sumida Ward team won the event, beating last year's winner Edogawa in an exciting final.


Seiritsu students were volunteers at the scorekeeping tables. Some of the students were happy Sumida won because the athletes were from the same private dojo.


Here is the final results - each team represented an area of Tokyo.

1. Sumida 墨田
2. Edogawa 江戸川
3. Minato 港
4. Shibuya 渋谷
5. Toshima 豊島
6. Machida 町田
7. Tachikawa 立川
8. Kodaira - 小平

The program cover. The tournament was held at the Tokyo Budokan.

The large scoreboard, made by martial arts supplier Hirota. The names of the order of the athletes are in the center. Personally I always like to be Senpo because it means I always get to fight no matter what...



Fi said...

Out of interest, what do senpou, jihou etc. mean? Is senpou the first fighter in a round, jihou the next, and so on?


(I'm trying to practise my Japanese more! たくさん日本語べんきょうしたい!)

Richard Mosdell said...

You answered your own question.