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Kindergarten class starts again!幼稚園の空手教室再開!

The kindergarten Karate class started again this week. There are three 30 minute classes, one class for each grade; ages 3-4 first year (nensho), ages 4-5 middle year (nenchu) and ages 5-6 the senior, graduating year (nencho).


I always finish the very first class of the year for the nensho by reviewing the instructor's names. For example, a kindergarten teacher calls out my name or Kakiya Sensei's name, then the student has to run to the correct teacher. It's always cute when a student hears 'Kakiya Sensei', but runs to me, or vice versa.


Maybe the sign that I have finally assimilated into Japan is when a 3 year old hears a Japanese name and then runs to me thinking I'm Japanese.