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Looking for the next non-Japanese Intern! 次の外国人研修生募集中!

The current and previous non-Japanese interns!

(picture from Carl's English Shiramizu website he set-up - thanks!)

Win-win has always been my motto. When I was younger, there were no Karate internships widely promoted for non-Japanese to come to Japan for learning Karate and working part-time. While non-Japanese have come to Japan to learn martial arts all the time, it is sort of hit or miss with their experiences of learning Karate as they might not find a dojo that suits them or is even in the same style.

So with Shiramizu Dojo's Arakawa Sensei's help, we created an internship in 2005. Now going into our 6th (!) year, we have again started looking for the next intern for the 2010-2011 position.

If you know anyone who may be interested, please tell them about the internship blog that has all the application information on it.

It is actually my hope to help create an overseas Internship for Japanese karateka so they can learn different foreign languages, teach Japanese-style Karate while experiencing overseas tournaments and training styles. And they can perhaps teach simple conversational Japanese to earn money.

(Ideally I'm kind of wanting to get this going in Canada so then each Japanese intern can bring me back maple syrup and smoked salmon - of course I won't pour the syrup on the salmon, that's just sacrilegious. But if I'm eating pancakes on which syrup has been poured, and some of it runs into my smoked salmon on the edge of my plate, well, that just can't be helped...)

A sample graduation certificate from the Internship Program.

いつもwin-winな関係でいる事が、僕のモットーです。 僕が若かった頃、外国人が日本にきて空手を習いながらアルバイトができるというような空手研修制度(空手インターンシップ)などは広く知られておらず、全くありませんでした。

そんなわけで、白水修養会の荒川先生の助けをお借りし、2005年にインターンシップを設立しました。 現在(なんと!)第6期生に入り、2010-2011期の研修生の募集を開始しました。