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8 year old champion! 8歳のチャンピオン!

Alejandro Cepero is an 8 year old US National Kata champion. This video of him training is quite impressive, especially the second half of the video showing his fitness and kumite practice.

In the Canadian coaching institute they spoke about the 7-10 year old age range as being the ideal time to introduce complex movements to young athletes. This age range learns to feel the techniques of their sport properly before they begin building larger muscle mass in the next age range. Older athletes sometimes force a movement incorrectly by using muscular power before trying to get a feeling for the movement itself.

This is more common in male athletes, as I know from experience...

アレハンドロ・セペロは8歳のアメリカの形チャンピオンです。 このビデオで見られる彼のトレーニングは結構すごいです。特に彼のフィットネスと組手の練習が見られる後半部分は見応えがあります。