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Foot sweeps sweetness!! 愛しき足払いよ!!

'Me love zem foot sweeps!'

When the WKF rules changed 10 years ago to give difficult athletic skills more value, including awarding a foot sweep followed by a scoring technique the 3 maximum points, I think this change has since motivated competitors to try more challenging skills instead of relying on one or two techniques.

A good friend of mine, Reza Salmani (former UAE National Team Coach, former BC Team Head Coach) used to teach me a variety of rhythm footwork drills for foot sweep practice. I remember when we did this he would always say;

A good carpenter wears a large utility belt with many tools so he can build a wide variety of things. But a poor carpenter has a small belt with few tools so he can only build the odd thing.

This makes sense. Of course my problem is I have no handy-man skills, I can't even saw a straight line. But Reza Sensei's analogy is worth pondering, and it matches the idea that athletes should get more points for more challenging skills.



僕の良い友人のレーザ・サルマニ(アラブ首長国連邦の旧ナショナルチーム監督、カナダのブリティッシュコロンビア州の旧チーム監督)は以前よく足払いの練習でさまざまなリズム・フットワーク・ドリルを僕に教えてくれました。 そのとき彼がいつもこんな風にいっていたのを思い出します;



The late Keinosuke Enoeda Sensei.