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Vlog #89: how to evolve my vlog!

Hello it's Richard here, Richard Mosdell, and this is my vlog#89, so I said to myself way back when maybe 3-4 months ago I would do 365 vlogs and see what happens after 365, but I'm at 89 and that's incredible!

And the amount of nice messages and comments that I'm getting almost on a daily basis has been fantastic, but I've been trying to decide what this thing really is. Is it me teaching people about karate?

Is it me making a diary of my day? Or is it me sharing something that's really important that's on my mind that's just buzzing around right now. I think that's what it really has to be.

I think to make this really fun for you guys I have to I maybe have to take up the production value a little bit and show you some more about the fun stuff that's going on in my brain and in the club and the world that's around me.

Because I'm doing a ton of stuff. In fact I did so much stuff the last few months I can't remember everything that we did, from running the club to hosting one of the largest tournaments in Canada with the Canada Open, to inviting people, taking people places, doing camps.

I seem to be a glutton for punishment, and there is some really big stuff still coming up. So what I want to do is start sharing more about the really fun stuff, liking making it a show and maybe bringing somebody to interview at different points through the day, and through each of the shows.

That's kind of what I'm thinking. And I'm only at 89, and I told myself I would go to 365 videos before I really made a decision if I was going to stop doing it or not.

It's funny in the beginning I thought I'm going to have to stop doing this at some point, maybe I'm just going to embarrass myself, my kids are going to be embarrassed by me, but no I'm just going to keep going.

It's got to the point now I really look forward to doing it, but I think I want to do for everybody else is bring you guys more entertainment value and look for number 90 and up, it's going to pop, I'm going to bring more stuff to it, we're never going to lose the karate angle, but we're going to bring some more things in to it as well.

Um so I hope you guys enjoy it and thanks a lot for watching up to now, I'm Richard Mosdell, this is my vlog #89!