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Daily karate vlog #85: Pam-Am champ Daniel Gaysinsky in the house!

Just yesterday my vlog theme was be as close to the karate sun as you can to get the best knowledge and experience. Well today we have the Pam-Am heavyweight champion in the club and we learned a ton!! Enjoy the quick interview...

Hi it's Richard Mosdell, daily karate vlog here with Daniel Gaysinsky, Daniel, awesome day today, thank you!

DG; Thank you!

RM; Do you gotta message?

DG; Yeah, I mean first your club is amazing all that I've seen here in BC, a bright bright future, and uh yeah I'm just glad to share the knowledge, but I don't know I'm pretty bad at these...

RM; What was the main thing you were telling everyone today, the main thing you were telling everyone today?

DG; Any dream is achievable, only limit is yourself, never limit yourself, you can only just go for it, just go for it! That's awesome! That's it! I'm not good with interviews, but you guys are all champs!

RM; It was amazing what we did, we're going to review everything all of the week and we're going to have him back very soon, thank you very much!

DG; Thank you guys!

RM; Alright thanks guys!

DG; Keep training!

RM; Thank you!