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Daily karate vlog #83: Kata training variety!

Hey it's Richard Mosdell, this is my daily karate vlog #82!

Today's topic is kata training variation.

Let's not just train our kata over and over in the same movements doing the same series, let's do other things with them, let's put a medicine ball in our hands, let's put little hand weights, let's see how the hand weights feel, let's see how the medicine ball messes up our centre of gravity, let's see how everything comes together, let's put some music on.

When you go to a tournament, it's really noisy. When you are training you need to train on mats so you know what it's like for your feet to stick to it.

Also to feel the rebound that comes off the floor. I think it's important that you make the training have variety, it's less stale, even here the athlete's are training in t-shirts, sometimes they train in their uniforms, sometimes they face the mirror. Right, there is a lot of activity going on in the club. There are going to be a lot of distractions for them.

They really have to concentrate. What we'll do after this take the equipment out of their hands and right away they're going to feel looser and faster and quicker and stronger. Last week we had them standing on balance points throwing things, another week they have cords wrapped around their hip and we're pulling, trying to get them off balance.

Whatever it takes to add a little bit extra, of course looking at the fine point, then small details of the technique as well.

Hope that helps, this is Richard Mosdell, this is my daily karate vlog, oh wave to Olivia she's right there, and Mailia, hey, thank you very much! Bye!