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Daily karate vlog #82: every karate club needs a North Star!

Hi it's Richard Mosdell, and this is my daily karate vlog #82!

Today's theme; every karate club needs its north star.

What does that mean?

It's means that organization that is trying to provide a fantastic service, train some amazing people and have a vision for where the whole organization should go, needs one north star. One main direction. One navigation point that everybody can work towards.

In Facebook when they started it was trying to get users to use Facebook once a month, but now they are trying to get people to use it once a day. Daily users is the north star for everybody at Facebook. So if you're very inactive on Facebook then they are not building it for you, they are building it for people who are really active and find it really valuable.

In a karate club our north star should probably be our members coming once a week. Once a week, if they can't make it because they are on a vacation or one of the nights they normally come they have a school concert, that's understandable, but if they are free and they are really liking our service they should be here every week. And we should be helping them to enjoy the benefits of karate, and the fitness benefit of showing up and having a fantastic workout. So our north star should be members enjoying the club, getting a great workout once a week.

That's our north star. So that's want I wanted to share for everybody today what the north star is for your service, for your karate club, and that's being able to offer great karate instruction and if your members are able to enjoy it once a week that's great and if they're missing, they are not always coming to classes, it's not them, it's us. We have to do something to help them have a better workout, realize their goals better, help retain them here because as a karate club what we want to do is produce as many black belts as possible.

What do black belts means? People who become really talented at karate, who really want to stick around for a long time.

I'm Richard Mosdell, that's my daily karate vlog, so think about what is your north star and let me know what it is. Talk to you tomorrow!