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Daily karate vlog #81: kicking series including counter blocking!

Hi it's Richard Mosdell, and this is my daily karate vlog #81!

Today is a series of kicking drills for how you can train to attack in kumite, and also how to do the defences. These are very simple, but also they are ideal because they are the most common scoring kicking skills are the ones where people try and score on you.

So I'm going to do 6.

1. So from here lead leg round house kick sliding in with the knee up, tag the body and come out.

2. Off the back of the body for mawashi and come out.

3. Then do an ura mawashi off the front leg to the head and come out.

4. Ura mawashi come off the back leg, drive your knee up, touch then come out.

5. Back leg mae geri is #5

6. And just for training the other side, forward kick and come back.

So a little bit faster, try and slide your knee, faster your knee up faster your kick, two, here three, four, five and 6 and drive back.

And now the counters, so he's going to come forward round house kick, slip counter that way, reverse punch.

2:  Same one mawashi, same one that side, and slip back, lead leg.

3. Lead ura mawashi geri I slip and then come in this way, counter punch.

4: Come's off his back leg counter or off the back leg double hand block just in case he fakes a kick and goes high, lead leg comes cover the head get out of the way and counter.

5: comes on the other side of the head cover and add the counter, back leg turn the hip and hit

6: If off the front leg, turn the hip, I'm dropping and twisting and out, and then switch legs and do the entire thing on the other side.

It's a really great kicking drill, make sure you're right on target, and get used to that, and then go back and forth, it's also a fantastic workout, even if you don't compete just having fun kicking is an awesome thing to do!

I'm Richard Mosdell, thanks a lot for watching the video log today.