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Daily karate vlog#56; win a FREE karate book!

Hi this is Richard Mosdell, this is my daily karate vlog #56, and I want to give away free stuff!

That's right, totally free, I produced (wrote) a book in Japan with Manga University called Sonny Leads, this is about what it's actually like to go to Japan right now and do karate in today's Japan.

We've all read about the masters from a long time ago, but this talk's about if you went to Tokyo right now, got off the plane at Narita airport, which is the airport you go to to get to Tokyo, and you slid into town, and you had to get a home stay, you had to train in different dojos, you had to try and meet friends, you didn't know how to speak the language, this is actually illustrated, it's a manga by Japan's most famous martial arts illustration, his name is Kamobayashi Sensei.

First part of the book is what it's like to actually be in Japan and because he knows how to draw, he's an actual karate teacher as well.

What karate looks like, what a Japanese house looks like, there's just tons of information here. Then in the middle there's a glossary of Japanese words, and in the back I wrote all these essays about what it was like to teach karate in Japan full-time, as well as give you a complete dictionary of all the Japanese karate organizations right now and how they are laid out.

You could take this book, get off the plane in Japan, learn a little Japanese, learn some culture and learn where everything is in Japan. And you know what?! I'm giving away a signed copy for free!! So for one week, right now it's a Wednesday until next Wednesday (May 24), anybody who writes any type of question.

Anything you want, and you can send me a DM, you can put it on Facebook on the YouTube page, whatever you like and then I'll start answering those questions next Wednesday, maybe put Ask Richard Sensei in your title and then the best question we get, we'll just go "That's a really good one!!" and I will send you this book anywhere in the world, where ever you are!

So again it Richard Mosdell, my book is called Sonny Leads Volume 1, they are working on Volume 2, and I want to give you a free book. I hope you like that, send you your questions, I got 3 questions this morning so I'll add them for next Wednesday, I'd love to hear from you, thanks a lot!!