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Daily karate vlog #55; TWO reaction warm-up exercises!

Hey it's Richard Mosdell, this is my daily karate vlog #55, and let's work on a really easy reaction drill, it's great to do for a warm-up, at the end of class, in the middle of the class to refresh everybody, it's getting to react to something else and they can do it in partners, the students can work together, or you can have one person at the front and a whole bunch of people in a row.

So here it is; take your finger, point it at your partner, right, the easy thing is follow the finger (with head nods), point up go up, point down go down, point that way go that way, point that way go that way, always reset to the centre.

One you do that you must do the opposite, it's the opposite game!

Ready, so if I go up, go down, go down, go up, go that way, go that way, go that way, go that way. If you screw it up, one push-up, or one squat, or one something. It's a great way to relax, try not to over think it and pull your concentration together.

That is a really really simple game and again one instructor can be in front of all kinds of people and doing it.

And then you can transition to something else where you can do a drill where you go up they punch low, you go low they punch high, right, you twist they kick this way, you twist this way they kick this way, when you move forward they move back, you move this way, or you move forward and they go in, right.

So reaction games, using your finger to warm them up, the students, or using your body after that. I'm Richard Mosdell, that's my daily karate vlog #55, and our way to 100!

Got a great thing for you as well tomorrow, thanks for listening in, send me your comments, send me your questions, bye!!