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Video: Richard explains being a Tokyo karate coach ビデオ:リチャードの東京空手コーチの説明

Wow, my last week coaching at Seiritsu. Time has flown by so fast.

Well, two things:

1. I've changed the name of my 'KenzenJapan' YouTube account to 'Kenzen Sports Karate". This way I can keep all the Japan videos I've shot plus Kraig and I can add new videos related to the new dojo.

In addition, I'll add karate videos from other channels to my playlists, especially those uploaded by Japanese language YouTube channels that wouldn't show up in English searches (high school tournaments, JKF nationals, etc).

2. On our Kenzen channel, today I've uploaded a new video where I explain how I become the head coach of the oldest high school karate club in Tokyo for 9+ years, plus briefly describe what the tournament karate leagues are in Japan.

My purpose here was to get the video shot during my last week working in Tokyo as the coach at the dojo.