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Video: SAVING 10,000-Winning a War on Suicide in Japan 自殺者1万人を救う戦いビデオ

This is a truly well thought-out video on the suicide problem in Japan and how to solve it.

Explanation below from official website.

SAVING 10,000 - 自殺者1万人を救う戦い
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In a war on suicide, who is the enemy?
'Saving 10,000' is the story of an Irishman's personal passion to uncover the true causes of the high suicide rate in Japan. The disturbing findings include the Japanese media`s perverse love affair with suicide, a variety of cruel and predatory economic pressures and an outdated and failing mental health care system. With the help of front-line experts and ordinary Japanese, many touched by the horror of suicide, the movie delivers practical proposals on how Japan can win a war on suicide. However with suicide such a taboo, the odds are nobody will listen. Or will they?

自殺との戦いにおいて、「敵」はいったい誰なのか。映画『Saving 10,000 - 自殺者1万人を救う戦い』は、日本の高い自殺率の真の原因究明に挑む一人のアイルラン