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KAIS International School インターナショナルスクールの生徒さんたちが来校しました

On Monday October 29, Seritisu was visited by 44 students from KAIS International School in Tokyo, who were given fun taster classes in both judo and karate by the PE department's Fukui Sensei (judo) and myself (karate).

Some students had previous martial arts experience, but for most it was their first time taking part in the world of sport budo!
In the Karate sessions, the students did some speedy punches, kicks, and movement training, while learning about the history of Karate. For the Judo sessions, Fukui Sensei instructed how to do a proper judo break-fall (to stop you hurting yourself by landing badly), and then went through some elementary Judo techniques.
All the kids said they had a really fun time, and it was great to see them here!
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