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JKA Nationals Videos! JKA全国空手道選手権大会ビデオ

On July 1 at the JKA's 55th Annual National Championship, Rich Heselton who has been working out with me got to Best 16 in the men's individual kumite. It was very interesting to watch the fast matches from just beside the mats.

JKA 第55回全国空手道選手権大会のときに僕の練習でパタナーリチャード・ヘセルトンさんがベスト16まで結果を出しました。 協議マットの隣から試合を見てすごく面白かったです。

Nemoto beat Chubachi in the Men's Final
個人戦男子[優勝]根本敬介 [準優勝]忠鉢考治

Takahashi beat Tsukamoto in the Women's Kumite Final

Kurihara beat Ueda in the Men's Kata Final
個人戦男子[優勝]栗原一晃 [準優勝]上田大介

Nakamichi beat Takagi in the Women's Kata Finals