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Leg injury! 肉離れを起こしてしまいました!

Recently with my training partners I've been trying to do more challenging exercises, which I can also use to coach the karate students. Here I am with bands on the ankles, bands wrapped around the back to the hands, hitting suspended targets on an elastic band. So tough!

最近、トレーニング仲間と普段よりもきつい練習に挑戦しています。これは空手部の生徒にも役立つものです。両足首に巻いたバンドを背中の後ろに回し手首につないで 、更に天井から吊るしたゴムバンドのターゲットをパンチするのです。とてもきついです!

And I've been feeling in great shape, but 2 weeks ago I overdid it and tore my right calf muscle. It felt like getting hit by a hard golf ball shot from Tiger Woods. The doctor said I would be on crutches for 2 weeks and out for 6, but after 4 days I tossed the crutches, I limped for a week and now I can walk, because everyday I'm doing personal therapy and following R.I.C.E.


When I'm old and fat, I can tell the young karate students I used to train so hard I tore the muscle from the bone...

将来年をとって体重が増えたら、若い選手に「僕は現役時代、肉離れするまで一生懸命練習したんだ」と言えます!カナディアンジョーク : )