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Kindergarten Graduation Party! 幼稚園卒園謝恩会!

This month I attended my 7th Seiritsu Kindergarten graduation party, which is my favorite event of the year! The third year students (6 years old) and their parents gather with the teachers for a fancy hotel lunch.

The kids, parents and even teachers put on performances.

Of course, when each student gives a message about what they liked most about the kindergarten, everyone cries, me too, I can't help it.

Now of course I truly know how other parent's feel to see their children having gone from ages 3 to 6 changing from almost a toddler to a young, capable child.

And this year's karate class graduates were really good too, so I hope you all keep up your kicking and punching!


生徒、ご両親と先生たちがパフォーマンスをし、最後に生徒がひとりずつ挨拶し、幼稚園で何が好きだったかを話しました。皆が泣き、もちろん僕も! その時のご両親の気持ちが本当に分かります、3歳で入園したときはまだ小さかった子どもが6歳に成長し、いろいろなことができるようになったのです。