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Global studies?! グロバールスタディーズって何?

Cherry blossoms lining the road in front of Sophia University.

Graduate school has started.

So when I tell people I'm in studying 'Global Studies' I get two reactions.
'Wow, that's sounds great.'

'But, um, what's Global Studies? Is it international relations?'

Glad you asked. Asking is fine. The answering part is more difficult.

Simply, international relations (IR) is related to relations between nations.

From what I understand so far, Global Studies considers a vaster range of things & ideas that flow both out from a center to peripheries and then back again.

These flows include media, capital, political power, technology, culture and ideas.

Instead of dominant ideas going one way making a unified global culture, ideas are accepted, assimilated into something new, rejected or even fought against.

For example, a trade treaty between two countries is IR.

The flow of ideas and people between the two countries is globalization.

My interests in this topic are many, but the main ones are as follows, from which I need to write one graduate thesis over the next two years.

International education - why do people wish to travel to a modern city center like Tokyo to receive an education? Do they see the knowledge acquired will greatly benefit them? Since globalization is a two-way street, how can I in international education cater to the needs of these students from different places far away?
1つ目は、国際教育; なぜ人々は発展している国、町で教育を受けたいのか?得る知識によって大きな恩恵を受けると考えるのか?

Japanese budo arts - starting from a dominant source (Japan) to the gradual entrenchment in overseas countries to the point advancements made on an international level are now needing to be accepted back in Japan.

Human rights, specifically secular policy- this topic I'm very interested in. How are human rights of the average person, and especially people at risk (children, women, minorities) improved when secular policies are introduced that require everyone to respect the uniqueness of others? Does globalization hinder or help human rights?

Big stuff.