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Inspiring talk with Tokey Hill & US athletes! 奮い立たされるトーキー・ヒル先生と米選手の会話

This week I had a chance to talk with the first American to win a WUKO World Karate Championship, Tokey Hill Sensei, currently on the USA Karate Board of Directors and High-Performance Committee.

Tokey Sensei was also the first person to introduce to me plyometrics training specifically for karate back in the 90's, which helped me improve greatly.

In addition I spoke with his students, US Team members Billy Finegan (10x USA kumite champion & New York State Golden Gloves Boxing champion) and Ashley Hill (-61kg kumite athlete, 3rd place University World Karate Championships 2010). Both will be representing the USA at next month's WKF World Championships in Belgrade, Serbia.

Currently I'm working on a column for JKFan Karate Magazine about sport karate at the world level and Tokey Sensei mentioned the WKF has tried to get more technical and administrative information to country members, allowing for any country to develop superior athletes.

Billy and Ashley both spoke about the Internet & YouTube especially letting anyone be able to analyize other top athlete's competition performances.

Check out their New York dojo's website!



さらに、僕は米国チームのメンバーであるビリー・フィネガン(米国の組手チャンピオン10回、ニューヨークのゴールデン・グローブス・ボクシング・チャンピオン)と、アシュリー・ヒルと話をしました(2010年の世界大学空手選手権-61kg級組手で3位)。 両者は来月セルビアのベオグラードで開かれるWKF世界大会の米国代表選手です。



Billy's highlights video.

Ashely's highlights video.