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Lightning tree strike! 稲妻の打撃!

On Sunday lightning struck a tree beside my house. There was a loud explosion! Then I saw the tree on fire. So I ran outside and blasted fire extinguisher agent all over it.

One summer during university I worked as a forest firefighter, but I never suspected I would have to use those skills in Japan!

Karate and firefighting are similar in that once you make a decision to attack, you have to do it strongly. Even if it means putting out a tree only wearing shorts, a t-shirt and sandals!

日曜日に、雷が自宅の横にある森の木に落ちました。大きた爆発音がありました! そして、木が燃えてるのに気がついたのです。そこで直ぐ外に出て消火器で消火に当たりました。