At my karate club people call me Sensei, and my friends just call me Richard.


JKF 3rd dan! JKF三段!

Most Japanese Karate-ka have probably seen a Japan Karatedo Federation (JKF) dan certificate, but most non-Japanese haven't. So, here's my new 3rd dan.


(What's the JKF? - click here for the Japanese explanation, English explanation)

Since I have a 4th dan in the JKF Wadokai, I am able to register for up to a 3rd dan with the JKF without taking a dan exam. (If one has a 3rd dan in one of the 6 core JKF style groups, then up to a 3rd dan can be registered. If one doesn't have a 3rd dan in one of the 6 core style groups, then they have to take the exams. Everyone takes exams from 4th dan.)


I am grateful to Toshiaki Maeda Sensei for registering me!


Now I'd like to challenge the 4th dan test...


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