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Thoughts on the Japan Nationals 全日本空手道選手権大会を振り返って

Nippon Budokan Martial Arts Arena 日本武道館

The fighting both days was sharp and snappy. Three types of styles were obvious to my eyes.

1. From a close distance, an attacker would simply try to punch faster than the opponent. Long punches keeping the elbows down were used.

2. As an attacker burst forward, the defender would just barely slide backwards to escape the first on-coming punch. Then they quickly released a counter punch as the attacker retracted their arm.

3. An attacker would launch forward with two or three punches, and stop to only slightly pull back, shift side to side to avoid counter punches, then attack again to score a point.

When an attacker stopped in front of the opponent without scoring, the opponent would score with a counter punch. Many times the attackers didn't think about their escape.

Nippon Budokan Martial Arts Arena 日本武道館


1. 接近して相手より更に速く突きを入れる。肘を締め低い位置での長い突きが見られた。

2. 相手が前方に飛び出した時、わずかに後方にずれてその最初の攻撃をよける。そして、相手が突き出した腕を引くときにすかさず対抗する突きを極める。

3. まず2つか3つ突きを前方に出す。わずかに後方に下がるために止まり、対抗する突きをよけるのに左右に体を動かし、再度攻撃して得点を得る。


Nippon Budokan Martial Arts Arena 日本武道館

Ko Matsuhisa, who won the last 2 years for men's kumite, didn't make it to the finals, but in the 2nd round he did a kung-fu style back knee bending kick which was fun to watch, even if it didn't score. Someone actually copied it later the men's team final, sort of as an afterthought which made the audience laugh.