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JKFan sent to the printers! 印刷中!

(Image taken from JKfan's website)

The next JKfan Karate magazine has been sent to the printers this week with my first JKfan article for 'Richard Sensei's Corner', my new monthly 2-page partially bilingual column. Yes, I'm a little nervous about becoming the regular non-Japanese contributor. But I am also really excited about this project, as my goal is to present new perspectives of the Karate world from a NJ point of view. In addition each month I will interview different NJ karate athletes and leaders.

Ultimately my hope is this column will improve communication and understanding between everyone in the Karate world, both in Japan and abroad.

So, don't delay, please order a copy, or ten to give out to friends! JKfan can answer English emails and they do ship overseas too. (Don't worry mom, I'll send you a signed copy in Canada!)

*JKfan Karate magazine can be ordered through the Champ English website.*
*Japanese website*