At my karate club people call me Sensei, and my friends just call me Richard.


It's begins! ブログ開始!


My goal for this bilingual blog is to provide real, useful content peeled from my life which sometimes feels like a pedestrian scramble road crossing.

Content will be about karate, education and media, plus any extras, like the ups and downs of being a non-Japanese permanent resident in Japan.

If readers enjoy my blog, that's good. If they learn something, that's great. If they laugh at my mistakes, even better. And if one little thing from all this helps us make the world a better place, even in a small way, then it's a win-win all around.

News about my documentary, manga and more will be posted soon.

And what's the collage of pictures attached? It's a rejected website header, but I couldn't leave it in the binary trash bin....


読者の方々がこのブログを楽しんでくれたら、うれしい。 もし何かを学んでくれたなら、とてもうれしい。 私の間違いを笑うことがあったら、尚更うれしい。


下記の添付写真のコラージュはどうですかね。 却下されたウェブサイトヘッダーなんですけど、2元のごみ箱に移すことができませんでした… (気に入っているので。笑)

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mangauniversity said...

Richard, this blog looks GREAT! Keep at it!