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Daily karate vlog #75: keep your hands up!

Hi I'm Richard Mosdell, and this is my daily karate
log number 75, today I want to talk about "keep your hands up!"

I have seen novices practice, I have seen intermediates practice, I've advanced practice, I've seen elites practice, all in the last like 72 hours and we have to be really careful, keep your
hands up, when just doing your sparring drill let's pretend that good ol Red
here is my sparring partner, this is what I have been seeing, you're doing your things, ai-ai, drop your hands!

All the time right!

Keep your hands up if you training when you're doing your beginning, middle and end positions, keep hands up, stay engaged when this partner is coming at you don't do this, a-aii,
okay oh you're finished, ok my turn right, give your training partner some energy,
something to look at, something that's realistic you finish your drill and come back look
look at them, look at somebody like to make the other person think 'oh we're not
drilling he might actually punch me in the head!'

I want you to have that type of energy when you're looking really keep
that up don't just drop the hand drop it up, and same thing if you're doing you're
kicking drills whatever coming up do you drill and keep the intensity on.

When you're training with a bag by yourself just plan like for a minute lots of apps out there you can put some timers on, think about like you're timing your new position, one you're coming out you're in good timing position your hands up wait for the bell to go, or count in you head, keep your hands up otherwise we're going to have to come and tape your guard around your body, it has happened, got to watch a Millionaire Baby right the movie was Clint Eastwood.

And right now I'm reading book about Cus D'Amato famous boxer, and he used to keep his guard up
just to train himself then.

I'm Richard Mosdell, let's have fun in the dojo, send me some comments, and thanks a lot for watching!