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Vlog #59; Shima Karate Club's amazingly awesome new dojo!!

Hey it's Richard Mosdell it's my daily karate vlog#59 and I'm not in my club, I'm in Shima Karate dojo in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada!

And this this dojo, I think it's the club has been around for 29 or 30 years being in a different locations, now they have their own building! Right behind their last location there was a library and the library moved the the building became available and they were able to not only purchase the building but renovate it, I mean look at this place!

This is incredible, the main training floor, back training floor, there's an office, they have a camera on the wall so parents can watch the classes, so I want to thank you graduations Kurt Sensei and Brenda Sensei for all your hard work on doing this. If anybody says, walks and says you're lucky, it's not lucky, they really works for this, and everybody in all our friends that are friends of theirs super proud of them and happy for them.

I think they're over 300 members and this place is packed like 10-15 minutes ago tons of people are here.

And you know why people will come here?

Because they get something that they really enjoy and they can sense that the instructors honestly truly care about them having good karate not just karate, but good karate, and this is incredible you know if anybody says karate is dying or isn't fun you haven't been to a club that's awesome, that really brings a lot of value and has a lot of stuff that does things at a recreational level and a high performance level, that does kobudo weapons, interacts with the big mainstream karate community, does trips to Japan this place is fantastic. And where do you want to go (for karate)?

You want to go somewhere where you can be with friends, be with people you like, get something out of it, sweat a little bit, challenge your mind, see for you a way that you can go forward, and karate fantastic because nobody sits on the bench you know everyone gets to be included and you can see that today the little and the older ones.

You know when younger ones can interact with someone who's older it's amazing you don't have where you just a U15 team or U21 team. So congratulations again to Shima Karate, this is fantastic and we look forward to supporting them and seeing them in all the events and watching this club just produce incredible people.

I'm Richard Mosdell, thanks a lot to be Big Owen from Kenzen for coming up to helping out and I look forward to talking to you guys later!