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Daily karate vlog#52; there is no normal day!

Hey, it's Richard Mosdell, it is my daily karate vlog number 52 and today I want to talk about where the heck is my head space?

Well in a nice way what's going through my head in my industry in my world right now, I'm four weeks away from the Canada Open and we've got some fantastic people have been helping to get that ready.

We are coming close to the summer, we start our summer karate camps here for all the grade one to grade sixes in Victoria and we've got seven weeks of camps which are awesome. Arakawa Sensei my best friend in the karate world in Japan is bringing another group of university karate students from the international martial arts university in Chiba, the Chiba Prefecture, here next February so they hope to do home stays here with us again and also compete in the Steveston Tournament.

I've been thinking about offering a Vancouver Karate Cup with some great clubs over in Vancouver, restarting it, got it going in 2000 and it ran until 2007, 2008.

Always thinking about starting the next Kenzen location, it's really something that is forefront in our mind.

Our club manager will be here every single day in just a few weeks I can't wait for Nick to be running the show here and everyone will just be amazed how wonderful this guy is when you're talking to them face to face.

For our province the BC Team program has been announced so make sure you check out those videos check out the information and know that the deadline to register is November 30th and anybody can register, anybody can go to all the events, and club instructors you can follow your athlete from provincial to the national championships.

And I got so much more going on especially with the book that I wrote promote that at the Canada Open and a big surprise event and announcement coming later on in the summer. There's a really great start of May, awesome to see so many people come out to the Sports Karate classes and get a great workout and see new people join just because we've got the Sports Karate system.

So it's a great start can't wait for the next four weeks to fill my days like crazy, I wake up in the morning and I can see all the way to 10 or 11 o'clock at night exactly what has to be done almost minute by minute, but that's okay. You know lots of people have great ideas but it's when we take those ideas and we execute that's the important thing to really get in there and do stuff.

Hey, we're not always going to do everything right but I'll let other people worry about my L's I'm going to keep focusing on my W's and go from there. And every day someone says "hey I watch your videos and I've been enjoying them!" so you know what that gives me oxygen so keep letting me know that's just awesome.

It's just like the other day line jumped out of the van at a big festival at the local recreation centre the moment I opened the door someone said "Richard Sensei!!" like that's awesome that's great!

This is my daily karate vlog number 52, it's a check-in day just giving a little bit what's on my mind and I really appreciate you watching, hope to talk to you again tomorrow, bye!