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Daily karate vlog#50: how multi-sport are you??

Hey it's Richard Mosdell here, it's my daily karate vlog #50, I got to 50!

So the question is, so how multi-sport are you really??

We're here at the Pacific Institute of Sport Excellence  called PISE, and they're having their annual sport festival, you can see in the background tons of sports are here, and we're (Kenzen) are in the gym, I think what's really important about karate is that you do other sports!

Take anything else that you are doing, and swimming, basketball, gymnastics, riding your bike, skateboarding, take those skills and bring them to your karate training and then bring your karate training skills and take them to your other sports, doesn't matter what age you are, doesn't have to be a formalized sport

Yeah so here we are doing our thing we've got the 1-minute karate lesson and we're in the gym, and they're doing their stuff, checking it out, what I love is karate is a martial art, but it's physical like any sport, so people train their sports just as seriously as we train our martial arts, and so I love to get a chance to get in front of new people, introduce to them what we're doing and say hey how many multi-sports are you doing?

For me personally, I ride my bike, I go swimming, I kick the bag - I love that, that to me is a sport! - and I do whatever is in season.

So I'm Richard Mosdell, thanks for listening in, it's my daily karate vlog #50, I hope you can hear me with all the noise, and have a fantastic weekend, chat with you tomorrow!