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The Martial Athlete: a sport karate short documentary

It's only 3mins, it got over 50,000 views on my old channel and it's still as awesome as the day it was shot. Enjoy!

The Martial Athlete: a sport karate short documentary

Director/Producer Richard Mosdell, Cameraman/Editor Michael McGillivray

This short documentary reveals just how talented sport karate athletes are and the challenges they go through at one of the most prestigious international multi-sport events, the Pam-Am Games (1999, Winnipeg, Canada). Even though this competition uses previous WKF rules, it's still just as exciting and important as when it was captured on film. Features former members of the USA National Karate Team and the Canadian National Karate Team, especially John Fonseca (USA) and Lisa Ling (Canada), as well as the former charismatic US Head Coach Tokey Hill & Canadian Head Coach Manual Monzon.

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