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Daily karate vlog#41; glove toss sit-ups!

Hi everybody, it's Richard Mosdell, it's my daily karate vlog I think #41, and today uh we're going to do sit-ups with your karate glove, what you do is grab a glove, make a circle or with another partner, you lean back, touch the floor, come up, and throw the glove fast to someone else, make sure to squeeze your body, alright.

It's balance control, eye control, cause as you come down, you grab, come up and you toss it out and then that partner is going to toss it back, right, so partner toss it back! Hiyaii! Yaii!!!!!!

I'm Richard Mosdell, that's my karate vlog #41, learning how to train with karate gloves and we'll talk to you tomorrow! Bye!